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Our weekly mowing service is second to none when it comes to giving your lawn that personal touch! Our full line of premier commercial mowers, ranging in size from 21”-60”, gives us the ability to adapt to a variety of yard sizes, terrains, and most importantly customers’ preferences. Line trimming around

obstacles and blowing off paved areas is also included in this service. Weeds growing along driveway cracks are periodically checked and trimmed. Mowing heights will vary throughout the season and be adjusted with the growth rate of the grass. This service is typically provided from May to late October.


If you are wanting to keep your property looking superior, this service is for you. Our application is a standard 5 step program, provided by one of our licensed and professionally educated applicators. We use only highly respected commercial grade pre-emergent, fertilizers, and herbicides for our



Step One) Pre-emergent with a built-in crabgrass preventer as well as a light fertilization.

Step Two) Herbicide Spray to take care of any broad leaf and grassy weeds.

Step Three) Fertilization done at the same time as step 2.

Step Four) Herbicide spray that has a crabgrass inhibiter additive.

Step Five) Final fertilization with slow release additives to prepare your turf for the winter months.

**Additional applications are available as well as custom plans.


Spring Clean-ups are an initial startup service provided during the month of April. This service aims to remove leaves, branches, twigs, pine cones, etc. from your turf areas, landscape beds, and window wells. Dethatching is also included in all spring clean-ups which is very effective in reducing thatch

(accumulation of grass plants and old root systems that have built up over time that prevent water and nutrients from getting through the soil). Any sand or gravel is blown clear from grass along street edges, sidewalks, and driveways. This service freshens up the yard and prepares it for the upcoming growing

season. We highly recommend that a crabgrass control be applied after this service is completed.



Aeration is a beneficial service that reduces soil compaction and thatch build-up. It increases the flow of water and nutrients to stimulate a healthier and deeper root growth as well as allowing for more nutrient intake. This process extracts core soil plugs of 1”-3”, which breakdown over the next few

weeks. This service can be provided in either the spring or the fall, and is most beneficial when done on an annual basis. Irrigation heads and invisible fencing need to be marked prior to our arrival.



Cutting back new grass growth that has extended past concrete/asphalt driveways and sidewalk edges. This vertical cutting process gives your yard that perfect finishing touch! When signing up for this service, edging will be done twice throughout the growing season unless notified otherwise.



We provide proper shaping and pruning at the appropriate time for all types of shrubs and hedges on your property. Whether you need a small basketball size shrub trimmed, or large varieties up to 20’ tall, we have the experience and equipment to do the job right. All clippings are blown, cleared, and hauled away.



Fall Clean-ups are an essential service for season completion. They are typically preformed at the end of October through late November. This service includes the removal of leaves and twigs from turf, bushes, and rock beds and a final bagged mow and disposal of yard waste. The completion of this service properly prepares your lawn for the dormant winter months.


Landscaping services include:
  •  Design
  •  Build
  •  Maintain
  •  Mulching/Rocking
  •  Plantings
  •  Paver Patios
  •  Retaining Walls
  •  Landscape Lighting
  •  Tree Trimming/Removal
  •  Brush Cutting
  •  Drain Tile
  •  Sod Work
  •  Seeding
  •  Erosion Control

Four steps to creating a design that's right for you:

1. Set up a Free Consultation

2. Site Analysis and Measurement

3. Detailed Master Plan to Scale

4. Presentation of Final Design


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